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One person in three in the world lives in poverty. But we see a future in which no one does. Join our movement for change and help people help themselves in the fight against poverty. Changing the world starts here.

Recent event Highlight

PALM Foundation Implement the End of child labour action for real change project with the funding support of We Effect Sweden with the objective of creating a child safer environment in the region and enhancing the economic condition of vulnerable children’s families.

The project is aimed to enhance household economy through entrepreneurship skills training and provision of Income generation grants for 900 poor and vulnerable families in 12 GNDs in Nuwaraeliya district.

A special program was conducted at Cultural Hall in Liddesdale Estate on 23rd of June 2023 to provide supports for selected 80 IGPs in 06 Estates. During the cultural program, 80 cheques were provided to the beneficiaries who are going to start Income Generation Activities in estates at Walapane DS. Mr Nanadana Glaboda ,District Secretary – Nuwaraeliya, Mrs Shalika Lindakumbura Divisional Secretary – Walapane DS, Educational Directors in Walapane and Hanguranketha Zonal Education offices, Deputy Director- PALM foundation, Police officers in Ragala, Welfare Officers other responsible Government officers, and teachers and many other stakeholders were participated for this program.

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision

We are for a just, dignified, eco-friendly society.

Our mission

Our prime commitment is ‘To enrich available potentials of community individuals and empower them socially and economically towards self reliance through a holistic participatory development approach’

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What is Palm

PALM Foundation is a committed, well-recognized community development non-government organization existing in the Nuwara Eliya district of Sri Lanka, which serves the plantation and rural communities, adopting a participatory, holistic development approach and reaping tangible benefits to those deprived, discriminated and isolated communities.

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Main Programmes

The development approach of PALM Foundation, a “Participatory, holistic, development approach” evolved and matured with the learnings and aspirations of the constituents of PALM Foundation during the past two and a half decades. The integrated development programmes of the organization comprised the following main programme interventions contributing to the organization’s development mission. Hence, all the projects and activities are implemented in line with those main programme implementation strategies or cross-cutting areas:

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