PALM Foundation

Integrated Community Development Project for Plantation and Neighboring communities in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka- ICDP

Donor : PADEM Luxembourg

Project cost :LKR 34,837,194.00

Project period : 3 years

Commencement : 1st March 2017

Target area and coverage : 2000 families in 4 tea plantations and 6 neighboring villages in Nuwara Eliya district

Goal : Ensuring healthy living condition and household food security for the children and families among the plantation and rural communities of Nuwara Eliya district in Sri Lanka

Indicators :


Water borne disease reduced by 80%


Environmental pollution reduced in the target area


Incidence of child & pregnant mother malnutrition is reduced significantly


60% of the target families receive a livable monthly income ( over 2$ per day)


A foundation laid for holistic development, promoting inclusiveness and focusing specific issues pertaining to different groups, children, youth, elderly, differently able, men and women in the society.


School dropout rate and absenteeism reduced among children by 20%


Violation of child rights minimized