PALM Foundation

Building the capacity of cooperatives in plantations and villages of Nuwara Eliya district (CCPV) in Sri Lanka

Funding Supported by: We Effect

Project Cost :LKR 17,082,500.00

Project Period: From 1st November, 2014 to 31st December, 2016 (Two years and three months)

Target Group:

In Total

No. of targeted communities     2015: 12
No. of direct individual change owners    2015: 4111 Women: 2138    Men: 1973
No. of indirect individual beneficiaries   2015: 2919 Males: 3585     Females: 8156

Project Area:

No. Name of the Plantation Company Name of the Estate No. of Target Families (Direct & Indirect)
1 UdapussellawaPl.PLC Concordia 478
2 WatawalaPl.PLC Thangakelle 698
3 MaturataPl.PLC Lidesdale 1050
4 AgarapathanaPl.Ltd Sandrinham 615
5 Kelani Valley PLC Nuwaraeliya 935
6 Elpitiya PLC Fernlands 736
7 Agalawatte PLC Wedamulla 498
Total 5010

Overall Project Goal: Low income communities, both plantation and rural, in the district of NuwaraEliya are able to overcome their social and economic poverty with laid foundation for further holistic development

Main Areas of Project Objectives:

Organizational Development

Sustainable Production

Business Development for Cooperatives

Gender Equality

Expected Outputs:

Organizational Development

Output 1.1:

12 Cooperative established and expanded to the Divisional level with adequate membership

Output 1.2:

Good governance and management systems are established with the 12 Cooperatives

Output 1.3:

Duty bearers possess an adequate understanding of the rights based approach and are motivated to serve the rights holders.

Sustainable Production

Output 2.1:

300 Members are well motivated and practicing eco farming.

Output 2.2:

Members have access to a reliable and fair market for eco farm products and access to appropriate inputs/resources through linkages with relevant agencies (public/private)

Business Development for Cooperatives

Output 3.1:

Business ventures of the cooperatives are systematized and operated towards profitability.

Output 3.2:

The cooperative/members have access to necessary financial services through established savings/credit schemes and linkages to appropriate financial services providers

Gender Equality

Output 4.1:

Women members of the cooperative are empowered to take up leadership positions

Output 4.2:

Vulnerable women members are with increased livelihood status

Output 4.3:

Vulnerable women members are with increased livelihood status