PALM Foundation

Participatory child protection project for plantation and neighboring rural sectors in Sri Lanka

Donor : PADEM Luxembourg

Project cost :LKR 19,180,926.00

Project period : 3 years

Commencement : 1st February 2017

Target area and coverage :

: 3000 vulnerable children comprising 5,000 families.

: The total target locations will consist six tea plantations and 9 villages. The targeted population will be 3,600 plantation families and 1,400 village families from Kathmale and Walapane divisional secretariat divisions.

Goal : Improving the living condition of children and secure a child safe environment in selected six tea plantations and 9 neighboring villages in Nuwara Eliya District of Sri Lanka

Indicators :


Reduction of child labor, child abuse, violence against children


Access improved for quality early childhood education.


Children and mothers physical burden reduced and health status improved due to enhanced access to basic infrastructure


Improved income of 20% vulnerable children’s families in project area