PALM Foundation

Studies & Evaluations conducted

Study in Gender relations and Gender ideologies in Plantation sector by Dr. Amali Phillips

Qualitative study of early child-hood development in plantation by Mr. S Vijesandirihan

External Evaluation 1998

Evaluation of Gender route project Rapid Appraisal by Ms. Zia Nazi*

External Evaluation – 2003

Community Banking by Mr. S Vijesandirihan

Elderly people situation in plantations by Professor Karunatissa Atukorala and staff of PALM Foundation-2012

Baseline study on child protection issues in the five divisional secretariats divisions of NuwaraEliya district by Professor Karunatissa Atukorala-2013

Study on available social services and vocational training opportunities for youth and community in the plantation sector in Nuwara Eliya District of Sri Lanka and barriers to access By Professor Karunatissa Atukorala and staff of PALM Foundation-2014