PALM Foundation

Development of habitat conditions of plantation and rural communities in Nuwara Eliya District

Period of duration of the project : 14 months and 15 days – 15th October 2017 to December 2018

Project cost :LKR 12,000,000.00

Global Objective : Improving the habitat condition in tea plantations and neighbor villages in Nuwara Eliya District

Specific objective : Habitat conditions of 1 000 families are improved in Nuwara Eliya district through infrastructures improvement in 3 private estates and revolving funds managed by 28 CBOs in tea plantations and villages

Indicators :


Decent housing facilities available for 20 % of the population 28 CBO functioning area


Water borne disease reduced by 80% in3 private estate


Condition of Environmental sanitation improved by 60% in 3 private estates of target area


A functioning community managed micro finance (CDMF) system addressed the credit needs for habitat development purposes in 28 locations ensuring an ethical MF business service to the members.